Thank you!

Hello, all!

I tried an experiment where I would try to post a comic daily or weekly for a year. When I had enough, I compiled them in a book. When the book didn’t sell and the blog failed to get much traffic, I figured the experiment was over. I noticed, though, that this blog is still getting visitors, and I wanted to personally thank you. Though I am not drawing comics much these days, I am still around and would be happy to moderate any comments you post or reply to any questions you have. Also, if you think I am brilliantly talented and want to syndicate my comics, that would be fine, too. 🙂



Your Attitude

glass half full

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This is for my friend, Paul. I guess I sometimes see the glass as half-empty. Fortunately, I work with many quality educators who see the glass as half-full and help me fill my glass, so to speak. 🙂

Guest Cartoonist: Why Do You Get To Use Your Phone?

bethany phone comic

Our guest cartoonist is back. She will turn 7 next month. 🙂
Here is the dialogue:
Student: “Why do you get to use your phone in class?”
Teacher: “Because I’m the boss of you and go back and do your work.”
Student: “Ugh!”