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Digital Overload

in the amKids today need to do their homework and get their rest. They don’t need a prominent presence on social media and the burden of staying connected at such a young age. Something is up if teens feel they must be online all the time. Is someone pressuring them? Are they bullied or bullying? Are they sending inappropriate photos? Are they in contact with people they shouldn’t be? Are they aware that their electronic presence is eternal and will follow them indefinitely? It’s too much to manage and too permanent. Unplug and take care of yourselves!

About celinatinsley

Ms. Tinsley is a high school English teacher, who has been in the classroom for 20 years. She has worked as an Instructional Coach and Assistant Principal, but she returned to the classroom to continue being with the students she adores. She has published a book entitled, "Teachers Talk Smack," available through She has garnered much critical praise with this original work full of charming illustrations and humorous anecdotes about the joys of teaching. Well, she has garnered one review from her best friend at work on And the book really is the opposite of the joys of teaching. She is currently working on her second book about teaching. By "working," I mean roughly brainstorming in her head.

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