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Paying Attention

never had a problem paying attention

Ah, these students. So easily distracted. They remind me of my 9 month old baby, who was looking all around the room as I was on the third page of the book I was reading him. If only the students could focus for a minute as well…imagine how much knowledge I could convey to them!

I have asked students to time the lessons I give to them. I will say, “Give me your full attention for five minutes so I can explain everything about literary devices.” They smile and agree…then 35 seconds into the lesson, I will always find someone’s attention drifting away and point it out. They will all laugh, but inside I cry. Poor little text-web-tablet-device addicted little souls. Add the toxic cocktail of hormones and there’s no hope. šŸ™‚

About celinatinsley

Ms. Tinsley is a high school English teacher, who has been in the classroom for 15 years. Give or take one or two. She lost count. She also hasn't been in the same classroom for that long. She leaves occasionally to go home and sleep so she can dream about a job where she earns respect. She loves her students but not in a creepy way. And when I say "love," I mean "likes enough to go to work most days." Although she did call in sick today. And it felt good. And she might do it again tomorrow. But otherwise, most days are pretty good. Rather, not that bad. Well, mostly worth living. She has published a book entitled, "Teachers Talk Smack," available through She has garnered much critical praise with this original work full of charming illustrations and humorous anecdotes about the joys of teaching. Well, she has garnered one review from her best friend at work on And the book really is the opposite of the joys of teaching. She is currently working on her second book about teaching. By "working," I mean roughly brainstorming in her head.

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