It’s That Time of Year

wil work for extra credit

It’s that time of year when all the poor souls who have avoided doing any work attempt to persuade you to help them out, using all manner of ethos, logos, and pathos. Stand strong! Do not give in!

21st Century Skills

cell phones

I hope the new emphasis on 21st century skills (cell phones, smart phones) doesn’t completely eliminate the need for 20th century skills like paying attention, listening, and doing work.

Lack of Endurance

cant finish what i start

I understand that this particular comic is somewhat hard to “get.” Spoiler alert: the punchline is that the cartoonist also lacks the endurance to follow through and just leaves the last panel unfinished. Well, some students got hold of this comic yesterday and were reading it. One student “got’ it and called another student over to see if he could understand it, too. The second student read it, turned beet red, and walked away silently. We both thought he just didn’t think it was funny. The first student went over and asked the second to explain it to him and he started cracking up. He came back and told me the first student didn’t understand the joke, but thought it meant something else. He told me that I had to re-read the comic, but “think like a boy.” Upon a second reading, I admit the language might seem suggestive, but based on the context of the comic, I would hope no one would think that is what I meant…

No Offense…

no offense

Why do students think they can say whatever they want that is rude, socially unacceptable, and politically incorrect to you but magically make it all better by saying, “no offense?”

Parent Involvement in Homework


Studies generally indicate that parent involvement in a child’s schoolwork is a factor which usually helps the child to be successful. Sometimes, though, parents can be a bit too involved. I have sometimes wondered if certain children had any input into their homework at all when their parents “help” them. Like when you get a brilliant project laminated in full color completed on the computer and when you take your students to the computer lab, the student has forgotten how to log onto the computer at all. Just like a soap opera when a main character has had an accident and suffered from “amnesia…” Of course parents should help their children. Parents should not, however, do the homework for them. As a parent, I know that the line between “helping” and “doing the whole thing yourself because it’s too hard to explain it and my kid just doesn’t get it at all” is thin, but we must let our children learn their lessons in life!

I Didn’t Get a Test!

didnt get a test

Don’t you hate when kids do this? I think some do it to avoid the work, but others just don’t seem to know any better.

The funniest is when you ask, like, ten times: “Did everyone get a test?”

“Did everyone get an answer sheet?”

“Does anyone need a test?”

“Does anyone need a pencil?”

“Any questions?”

“Does anyone need anything else to begin? OK, let’s get started…”

Then they complain that they don’t have enough time to do the test. And they blame YOU.

Why Do YOU Get To?

masters degree

Students are so concerned with fairness. They are the justice police who sense every wrong and perceived unfairness in the world, especially in your classroom.