Guided Self- Correction

guided self correction

I went to a Boys Town training earlier this month and started putting some of the strategies into comics to better remember them. Here is one of the comics, entitled “Guided Self-Correction.” I highly recommend the training, and have seen great improvement when I use them.

Phone Lies

phone lies

Have you ever asked a student if she has a phone and she looks directly at you with innocent eyes and lies to you? Fortunately, at this age, most of these kids aren’t very good liars. If you’re going to lie, just pick one lie and stick with it…



Who comes up with these fundraisers? Why would I buy $20 cookie dough when I can get it at the store for $2 a tube? I have an idea: instead of making money for a company, why don’t you have me do your fundraiser? I will buy a bunch of tubes of Nestle Toll House cookies and we can sell them for $10 each. The customer saves $10, I get reimbursed for $2, I keep $1 for my trouble, and I will let your group keep $7. Better yet, why don’t I just buy a box of cookies and we sell each cookie for $1? Then nobody has to cook anything.

Happy Monday


Today is Day One of our accreditation visit. Better have some coffee…and some extra for the meetings this week. Happy Monday.



So the kids suing California for their unequal education don’t think they or their parents had any role in the result?

If your doctor diagnosed you with an illness and prescribed medication for you and warned you to change your lifestyle, but you decided not to take the prescription or the advice, is that a bad doctor?

How about if you waited so long to take your car to the mechanic that the engine was blown and needed to be replaced for the car to work properly, is that a bad mechanic?

I agree, teachers have a job to do and they should do it.

But our job depends so much on what other people do that it’s difficult to determine how much a teacher is at fault. For example, if a student fails a class, is it because the teacher is bad? Perhaps. But what about students who were able to pass that class? How were they able to pass if the teacher was completely ineffective? Dare I say that students also have some responsibility?

And since students are generally minors, aren’t their parents also responsible for their children’s well-being? If a child consistently ditches school, the parent is legally responsible for the child’s truancy. If a child damages property with graffiti, the parent is liable for those damages.

We’re in a partnership and we all have a job to do. Let’s do it!