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Happy Labor Day!

Here is what I have been working on. I am currently rethinking the After Class concept and brainstorming ways to improve. I am not a trained artist but have been doing the best I can on the After Class series. Some feedback I have received indicates I should probably incorporate recurrent characters, which I am in the process of drafting now. I have some sketches in progress and have created composite personalities. I am also considering names for them.

Another thing I am trying to improve is the quality of the drawings. I was looking at some caricatures we had done at a birthday party last year and realized that my comics lack the funny caricature element. I have been practicing drawing in order to better capture people’s individual personalities in my drawings. You can see my early attempts below. Please be kind as these are my first attempts. See if you can guess the individual drawn from the newspaper or gossip magazine below. Scroll down to the bottom if you would like to see the answers. Have fun! Feel free to comment or message me your thoughts or suggestions. 🙂











1. Tom Selleck 
2. King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia
3. Kourtney Kardashian
4. Melissa McCarthy
5. Jennifer Lopez
6. Antonio Banderas
7. Jennifer Aniston
8. Cesar Millan
9. Miley Cyrus
10. George Clooney

About celinatinsley

Ms. Tinsley is a high school English teacher, who has been in the classroom for 20 years. She has worked as an Instructional Coach and Assistant Principal, but she returned to the classroom to continue being with the students she adores. She has published a book entitled, "Teachers Talk Smack," available through She has garnered much critical praise with this original work full of charming illustrations and humorous anecdotes about the joys of teaching. Well, she has garnered one review from her best friend at work on And the book really is the opposite of the joys of teaching. She is currently working on her second book about teaching. By "working," I mean roughly brainstorming in her head.

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