Electronic Device One-Pager

Top Electronic Device Excuses

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Here are some of the more common remarks when I attempt to confiscate an electronic device in class.



lindas epiphany

The horror.


Can I Ask You A Personal Question?

who cares about teachers

Kids pretend like they don’t care…but they do!


Home sick today…

Don’t have much to do…enjoy. ­čÖé
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a day in the


Yes, I CAN tell you what to do.

you cant tell me

Funny when students tell us what we can’t do when we are, in fact, doing it.


Just Give Up

extra help

At some point, students should accept that they are going to fail.

Don’t you hate it when they won’t give up? Just accept that you have a seven percent.

No amount of extra help or extra credit is going to help two weeks before the end of the semester.


In Their Best Interests

human trafficking (Click to enlarge)

I often hear myself telling students, “I already know all this. I went to college. I’m telling you this for your benefit.” We recently had an assembly on human trafficking. The speaker explained how young people in our city are lured into prostitution. The information was compelling! It was relevant! It was even interesting — peppered with photographs of real girls and video about kids in our very own city.

But I looked around and saw disengaged kids uninterested in the information being provided. I wanted to say, “She already knows all this. She is telling you this for your benefit!” It seemed like the kids who most needed to hear it —┬áthose who appeared more vulnerable, those who showed the most warning signs — were the ones most likely to dismiss the information. So sad.


Corrective Strategies

deescalation strategies (Click to enlarge)

This is the third installment of the Boys Town series. I highly recommend the training.


Planned Teaching

planned teaching

(Click on the image to zoom in.)  Here is the third Boys Town comic illustrating one of their discipline techniques.