Electronic Device One-Pager

Top Electronic Device Excuses

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Here are some of the more common remarks when I attempt to confiscate an electronic device in class.


Can I Ask You A Personal Question?

who cares about teachers

Kids pretend like they don’t care…but they do!

Guest Cartoonist: Why Do You Get To Use Your Phone?

bethany phone comic

Our guest cartoonist is back. She will turn 7 next month. 🙂
Here is the dialogue:
Student: “Why do you get to use your phone in class?”
Teacher: “Because I’m the boss of you and go back and do your work.”
Student: “Ugh!”


Yes, I CAN tell you what to do.

you cant tell me

Funny when students tell us what we can’t do when we are, in fact, doing it.


When I Grow Up


Students sometimes have an unrealistic view of the world and their place in it.

ALSO: I was saddened to find about the June 2 death of one of my former students, Estefania Gonzalez, in a vehicle crash. Estefania just graduated from our school and should have been starting her own bright future. My condolences to her family, and to all of those who knew her. She was a beautiful and talented young lady who will be deeply missed.


That’ll Show Them!

that will show him

Ah, teenage logic! Even if it were true that a teacher hated them and picked on them, wouldn’t that be a good reason to do your homework, and try really hard? After all, it might work!


Time Flies


One drawback to having children later in life.




I love when smart students talk to you like they’re grown-ups. They’re so cute when they try to act like adults.


Parenting Teens

pretend you dont know me

Parenting teens must have its own special rewards. I don’t know what they could be, but it must.


What Can I Do To Pass Your Class?

what can i do to pass

Don’t you love when a student has no hope of passing and asks what he can do to pass your class, just a few weeks or a couple of days before the end of the semester?