Electronic Device One-Pager

Top Electronic Device Excuses

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Here are some of the more common remarks when I attempt to confiscate an electronic device in class.



lindas epiphany

The horror.


refund tuition

Ha ha.


Guest Cartoonist: Why Do You Get To Use Your Phone?

bethany phone comic

Our guest cartoonist is back. She will turn 7 next month. 🙂
Here is the dialogue:
Student: “Why do you get to use your phone in class?”
Teacher: “Because I’m the boss of you and go back and do your work.”
Student: “Ugh!”


Home sick today…

Don’t have much to do…enjoy. 🙂
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a day in the


A Typical Class

Recognize anything familiar from your classes?

a typical class 2

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I Keep Bumping Into Desks

smaller aisles

I keep bumping into desks. When I think I can fit through the aisle, I realize I was wrong. I keep having the awkward experience of my body accidentally brushing a student. Unfortunately, I have the sneaking suspicion that the aisles aren’t getting smaller.


Captive Audience

read aloud (Click to enlarge)

I thought I found the solution to the problem of students not doing their reading homework. I soon saw the drawbacks to this solution.


Conspiracy Theory

common core

Even if you’re not as extreme as the example above, aren’t we all a little suspicious of common core standards?


Effective Praise

effective praise (Click to enlarge)

This is the final comic created from the Boys Town training strategies. Don’t forget to reserve your spot!