Electronic Device One-Pager

Top Electronic Device Excuses

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Here are some of the more common remarks when I attempt to confiscate an electronic device in class.



lindas epiphany

The horror.


Student-Teacher Dance Contest

dance contest

Congratulations to the participants of our school’s Dancing with the Staff competition on Friday. I can’t wait to hear about what happened!


Can I Ask You A Personal Question?

who cares about teachers

Kids pretend like they don’t care…but they do!


Guest Cartoonist: Why Do You Get To Use Your Phone?

bethany phone comic

Our guest cartoonist is back. She will turn 7 next month. 🙂
Here is the dialogue:
Student: “Why do you get to use your phone in class?”
Teacher: “Because I’m the boss of you and go back and do your work.”
Student: “Ugh!”


A Typical Class

Recognize anything familiar from your classes?

a typical class 2

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Yes, I CAN tell you what to do.

you cant tell me

Funny when students tell us what we can’t do when we are, in fact, doing it.


Nothing to Complain About

nothing to complain about

This wouldn’t be me.


Summer Reading

summer reading

Summer reading helps students…if they actually do it.