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Hello, all!

I tried an¬†experiment where I would try to post a comic daily or weekly for a year. When I had enough, I compiled them in a book. When the book didn’t sell and the blog failed to get much traffic, I figured the experiment was over. I noticed, though, that this blog is still getting visitors, and I wanted to personally thank you. Though I am not drawing comics much these days, I am still around and would be happy to moderate any comments you post or reply to any questions you have. Also, if you think I am brilliantly talented and want to syndicate my comics, that would be fine, too. ūüôā



Guest Cartoonist: Why Do You Get To Use Your Phone?

bethany phone comic

Our guest cartoonist is back. She will turn 7 next month. ūüôā
Here is the dialogue:
Student: “Why do you get to use your phone in class?”
Teacher: “Because I’m the boss of you and go back and do your work.”
Student: “Ugh!”

I Keep Bumping Into Desks

smaller aisles

I keep bumping into desks. When I think I can fit through the aisle, I realize I was wrong. I keep having the awkward experience of my body accidentally brushing a student. Unfortunately, I have the sneaking suspicion that the aisles aren’t getting smaller.


Happy Labor Day!

Here is what I have been working on. I am currently rethinking the After Class concept and brainstorming ways to improve. I am not a trained artist but have been doing the best I can on the After Class series. Some feedback I have received indicates I should probably incorporate recurrent characters, which I am in the process of drafting now. I have some sketches in progress and have created composite personalities. I am also considering names for them.

Another thing I am trying to improve is the quality of the drawings. I was looking at some caricatures we had done at a birthday party last year and realized that my comics lack the funny¬†caricature element. I have been practicing drawing in order to better capture people’s individual personalities in my drawings. You can see my early attempts below. Please be kind as these are my first attempts. See if you can guess the individual drawn from the newspaper or gossip magazine below. Scroll down to the bottom if you would like to see the answers. Have fun! Feel free to comment or message me your thoughts or suggestions. ūüôā











1. Tom Selleck 
2. King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia
3. Kourtney Kardashian
4. Melissa McCarthy
5. Jennifer Lopez
6. Antonio Banderas
7. Jennifer Aniston
8. Cesar Millan
9. Miley Cyrus
10. George Clooney

Watch Your Back

union business date

Teachers are easy targets, but I never thought we would be under attack in California. The recent Vergara v. California ruling strips teachers of essential job protections under the pretense of “equality.” Without these job protections, low-income and inner-city schools will become even harder to staff. The case seemed like it helped needy kids, but the media frenzy neglected to uncover the motives of David Welch, the rich Silicon Valley financier of the case. His investments include Microsoft, Pearson, and the Eli Broad Foundation…all big businesses who will benefit from making teachers easier to fire. Mark my words, pay for performance is not far behind. I wrote letters and sent emails about this travesty, but the local newspaper didn’t publish it and my Congressman hasn’t gotten back to me. It’s like no one cares. Protect your job and fight for our rights. Teachers are under attack in California. Watch your back.

When I Grow Up


Students sometimes have an unrealistic view of the world and their place in it.

ALSO: I was saddened to find about the June 2 death of one of my former students, Estefania Gonzalez, in a vehicle crash. Estefania just graduated from our school and should have been starting her own bright future. My condolences to her family, and to all of those who knew her. She was a beautiful and talented young lady who will be deeply missed.



So the kids suing California for their unequal education don’t think¬†they or their parents had any role in the result?

If your doctor diagnosed you with an illness and prescribed medication for you and warned you to change your lifestyle, but you decided not to take the prescription or the advice, is that a bad doctor?

How about if you waited so long to take your car to the mechanic that the engine was blown and needed to be replaced for the car to work properly, is that a bad mechanic?

I agree, teachers have a job to do and they should do it.

But our job depends so much on what other people do that it’s difficult to determine how much¬†a teacher is at fault. For example, if a student fails a class, is it because the teacher is bad? Perhaps. But what about students who were able to pass that class? How were they able to pass if the teacher was completely ineffective? Dare I say that students also have some responsibility?

And since students are generally minors, aren’t their parents also responsible for their children’s well-being? If a child consistently ditches school, the parent is legally responsible for the child’s truancy. If a child damages property with graffiti, the parent is liable for those damages.

We’re in a partnership and we all have a job to do. Let’s do it!