Warm and Fuzzy

love more than parents

I know it kind of looks like the teacher is about to smack the kid upside the head, but I just need to work on drawing hands. She’s supposed to be raising her arm up questioningly, like “why?” and the student is supposed to be lifting his hands in a shrug, like “I don’t know.” The text below reads, “Sometimes, students feel like you love them more than their parents do.”

So today, on Black Friday, know that even though our world is crazy, commercialized, violent, and sometimes downright unpleasant, remember that you really do make a difference. You might feel like a cog in the corporate machine, just another number, a faceless part of the masses out shopping today, but remember that someone at school thinks you are special. Some of your students look up to you and know you care. You mean something to someone…or quite a few someones. 🙂