Do You Like This Person?

person no one likes

Couldn’t stand them in high school…still can’t. At least have the decency to pretend that you did the work.

Lack of Endurance

cant finish what i start

I understand that this particular comic is somewhat hard to “get.” Spoiler alert: the punchline is that the cartoonist also lacks the endurance to follow through and just leaves the last panel unfinished. Well, some students got hold of this comic yesterday and were reading it. One student “got’ it and called another student over to see if he could understand it, too. The second student read it, turned beet red, and walked away silently. We both thought he just didn’t think it was funny. The first student went over and asked the second to explain it to him and he started cracking up. He came back and told me the first student didn’t understand the joke, but thought it meant something else. He told me that I had to re-read the comic, but “think like a boy.” Upon a second reading, I admit the language might seem suggestive, but based on the context of the comic, I would hope no one would think that is what I meant…